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2019-2020 Catalog [Archived] 
2019-2020 Catalog [Archived] [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Associate of Science Degree

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A.S. Degree Requirements

Section A - General Education Requirements

A student has three options to complete the General Education Requirements.

Option I is designed for students completing the El Camino College major.

Option II is designed for students completing CSU GE Breadth transfer requirements.

Option III is designed for students completing CSU/UC (IGETC) transfer requirements.

Option I: El Camino College Requirements

Complete the specified number of units in categories 1 through 5 and the mathematics competency requirement in category 6.

1. Natural Sciences:

minimum 3 semester units

2. Social and Behavioral Science:

minimum 3 semester units
One course from A or B, or C:


3. Humanities:

minimum 3 semester units

4. Language and Rationality:

minimum 6 semester units
One course from A and one course from B:

B. Communication and Analytical Thinking:

minimum 3 semester units

5. Health and Physical Education:

minimum 3 semester units

(This category may be exempted by one of the following:

  1. Pass the Contemporary Health waiver exam; or
  2. Approval of a petition for military service credit;
  3. Completion of NURS 151  and NURS 146 .)
Physical Activity or Fitness Courses:

Physical Education

Option II: CSU GE Breadth Transfer Requirements

See CSU GE Breadth Transfer Requirements .

Option III: CSU/UC (IGETC) Transfer Requirements

See CSU/UC (IGETC) Transfer Requirements .

Section B - Major Requirements

Satisfy either the El Camino College Major option or the Transfer Major option.

El Camino College Major

Complete the courses specified for one of the majors listed alphabetically in Section IV, Curriculum, of this college catalog.

Transfer Major

Complete the lower division transfer major requirements for an accredited four-year college or university. If there are no lower division requirements in the transfer major or if the requirements for the transfer major are less than 18 units, students must complete an El Camino College major.

Section C - Electives

El Camino College Major

To reach the total of 60 degree applicable units required for graduation, students must choose electives from degree applicable courses. Students may count only six units of physical education as elective credit for graduation.

Transfer Major

Sixty degree applicable units are required for graduation. To qualify for transfer to CSU or UC, electives must be chosen from transferable courses. Students may count only four units of physical education as transfer credit.

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