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2020-2021 Catalog [Archived] 
2020-2021 Catalog [Archived] [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Other College Programs

Cooperative Work Experience Education (Work Experience and Internship Credit)

Cooperative Work Experience Education (CWEE) is a course designed for students who are cross-training at their current worksite for upward mobility or possible career changes, as well as those looking for entry-level occupational training through workbased learning experiences and internships. CWEE uses the entire community as the laboratory, allowing students to apply theoretical information learned in the classroom to practical problems at work. It enables students to compare their personal goals and expectations with specific career requirements and to learn from professionals and technical experts working in their career field.

Interested students must be employed or volunteering in a job directly related to their major/career goal and concurrently enrolled or have completed a class in that major. Employers must be willing to let students engage in new learning experiences at work and be willing to assist CWEE instructors in the preparation of learning objectives/evaluations. CWEE students must enroll in a minimum of seven units (including CWEE). Students not enrolled in seven units should contact the appropriate Academic Affairs Division Office.

Credit is awarded on the basis of objectives completed and the number of hours worked. The student needs a minimum of 150 hours of paid work or 120 hours of volunteer work for each semester enrolled in CWEE. Up to 16 units may be used for elective credit for an AA/AS degree and eight units will transfer to CSU.

The following scale reflects the equivalent units for hours worked:

2 units = 10 hours worked per week
3 units = 15 hours worked per week
4 units = 20 hours worked per week

How to Enroll:

  1. To register for the appropriate CWEE section students must first fill out a CWEE application and contact the CWEE instructor by the second week of the semester. (CWEE sections are located in the Schedule of Classes.)
  2. Complete an Application for Cooperative Work Experience Education available in the Division Offices.
  3. Purchase a Cooperative Work Experience Education Student Handbook from the Student Bookstore. Read the Handbook and complete the Learning Objectives agreement.
  4. Meet with your CWEE instructor before the end of the second week to discuss the course requirements. Instructors are available through the appropriate Division Offices.

Cooperative Work Experience Education is offered in the following areas:

Behavioral and Social Sciences: Available in the area of childhood education.

Business: Available in the area of paralegal studies.

Fine Arts: Available in the areas of art, dance, film/ video, music, and theatre.

Health Sciences and Athletics: Available in the area of nursing.

Humanities: Available in the area of journalism.

Industry and Technology: Available in the areas of administration of justice, air conditioning and refrigeration, architecture, automotive collision repair/painting, automotive technology, computer aided design/drafting, construction technology, cosmetology, electronics and computer hardware technology, environmental technology, fashion, fire and emergency technology, machine tool technology, and welding.

Natural Sciences: Available in the area of environmental horticulture.

Distance Education

Many courses offered on the El Camino College campus may be taken through the Distance Education program. Online courses via computer and the web are offered. Distance Education courses are ideal for students who need a flexible class schedule because most of the coursework may be completed off campus. In addition to online courses, we also offer hybrid courses. Hybrid courses require weekly on-campus class sessions along with computer coursework.

Students may register for Distance Education courses during registration via www.elcamino.edu. For further information, visit the Distance Education Office located in the Schauerman Library, East Wing, Lower Level, Room 76, call 310-660-6453, or visit www.elcamino.edu/DistanceEd. Office hours during the fall and spring semesters are Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. During the summer session, the office is closed on Friday.

Please refer to Administrative Procedure 4105 for Distance Education on the El Camino website www.elcamino.edu/administration/board/policies.asp.

Independent Study

Board Policy 4101

It is the policy of El Camino College to provide enhanced educational opportunities for students wishing to explore a subject area more fully by establishing an Independent Study program. Under the guidance of a supervising instructor qualified to teach in the specific subject area, students in Independent Study courses will complete projects that reflect scholarly or creative efforts of an advanced nature that go beyond the scope of a regular course. Independent Study is not designed for students who have already obtained a degree in the discipline in which the Independent Study Course is being attempted.

Procedures for implementing this policy will be developed in collegial consultation with the Academic Senate.

Independent Study Administrative Procedures 4101

Students may review the Administrative Procedure for Board Policy 4101 on the El Camino College website www.elcamino.edu/administration/board/policies.asp.