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2020-2021 Catalog [Archived] 
2020-2021 Catalog [Archived] [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Certificates of Achievement and Accomplishment

El Camino College offers a variety of certificate programs. A Certificate of Achievement is recorded on a student’s transcript. A Certificate of Accomplishment is not recorded on the transcript. Each of the programs requires completion of courses in a particular field. Unlike degree programs, courses outside the field are not generally required. Students must file a petition for a certificate in the evaluations area, which is located in the Admissions Office, by the deadline date published in the schedule of classes.

A Certificate of Achievement is awarded to students who complete the prescribed program with a 2.0 grade point average.

A Certificate of Achievement with Honors is awarded to students who complete the prescribed program with a 3.0 grade point average.

A Certificate of Achievement with High Honors is awarded to students who complete the prescribed program with a 3.5 grade point average or above.

A Certificate of Accomplishment is awarded to students who complete the prescribed program with a 2.0 grade point average or above.

Certificates of Achievement

Administration of Justice:

Administration of Justice  

Air Conditioning and Refrigeration:

Air Conditioning  
Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Electric Controls 
Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) and Refrigeration 




Digital Arts  
Gallery Management  
Jewelry Design and Fabrication  
Visual Communications  

Automotive Collision Repair/Painting:

Automotive Collision Repair/Painting I  
Automotive Painting and Refinishing  

Automotive Technology:

Automotive Brakes/Suspension Transmission/Drive Train Technician  
Automotive Engine Rebuilding/Repair Technician  
Automotive Technician I  
Automotive Technician II  
Automotive Tune-Up Technician  


Business Management  
Office Administration: Office Applications Specialist  
Retail Management  

Child Development:

Early Childhood Education  
Early Intervention Assistant  
Special Education Assistant  

Computer Aided Design/Drafting:

Computer Aided Design/Drafting  

Computer Information Systems:

Business Programming  
Computer Systems Applications  
Database Management  

Computer Science:

Computer Science  

Construction Technology:

Construction Technology  
Cabinet and Fine Woodworking  

Cosmetology Level II:

Cosmetology Level II  

Electronics and Computer Hardware Technology:

Computer Hardware Electronics Technician  
Electronics Engineering Technician  

Engineering Technology:

Engineering Technology  
Engineering Technician  

Environmental Horticulture:

Environmental Horticulture  


Fashion Design and Production  
Fashion Merchandising  
Fashion Stylist  


Film/Video Production  

Fire and Emergency Technology:

Fire and Emergency Technology  
Fire Academy   
Paramedical Technician  



Machine Tool Technology:

CNC Machine Operator  
Numerical Control Programmer  

Manufacturing Technology:

Manufacturing Technology  


Commercial Music  

Paralegal Studies:

Paralegal Studies  



Real Estate:

Mortgage Loan Brokerage  
Real Estate  
Real Estate Appraisal  

Respiratory Care:

Respiratory Care  

Sign Language/Interpreter Training:

Sign Language/Interpreter Training  

Transfer Studies:

CSU General Education Breadth  
Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum (IGETC)  



Certificates of Accomplishment

Administration of Justice:

Homeland Security Essentials  

Air Conditioning and Refrigeration:

Automation Fundamentals  
HVACR Electrical Fundamentals  
HVACR Fundamentals  
Heating Technologies  
Refrigeration Fundamentals  

Automotive Collision Repair/Painting:

Automotive Accident Reconstruction  
Automotive Collision Investigation    
Damage Estimating  

Automotive Technology:

Automotive Air Conditioning Technician  
Automotive Brakes and Suspension Technician  
Automotive Engine Rebuilding and Repair Technician  

Automotive Engine Management   
Automotive Transmission and Drive Train Technician  

Computer Aided Design/Drafting:

AutoCAD Mechanical Drafting Trainee  

Computer Information Systems:

Cloud Computing with Amazon Web Services  

Construction Technology:

Cabinet and Millwork  
Euro Hardware  
Furniture Design and Fabrication  
Residential Construction Trainee     
Residential Electrical Trainee 
Residential Plumbing Trainee 
Residential Remodeling Trainee  


Cosmetology Level I  

Creative Writing:

Creative Writing  

Electronics and Computer Hardware Technology:

CompTIA Computer Hardware Technician  
Computer Hardware Technician  
Electronics Technician  

Engineering Technology:

Electrical and Electronics Engineering Technician  
Mechanical Engineering Design Technician  

English as a Second Language:

English as a Second Language  

Environmental Technology:

Environmental Technology  

Fire and Emergency Technology:

Fire Explorer  

Physical Education:

Fitness Trainer  

Radiologic Technology:

Radiologic Technology  


Recreation Leadership  


Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW) Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Metals  
Semi-Automatic Welding  
Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW) Structural Steel  
Structural Steel Fabrication  

Evaluation of Completion of Requirements

The Certificate of Achievement or the Certificate of Accomplishment will be evaluated according to the following conditions:

  1. Catalog requirements: Certificate requirements are derived from the catalog in effect at the time the student entered El Camino College or from the current catalog, following the Catalog Rights guidelines. (Please refer to Associate Degree .) Each catalog is in effect during the academic year for which it is published (fall semester through the summer session).
  2. Residency requirement: Individual certificates specifically state the required number of units that must be completed at El Camino College.