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2022-2023 Catalog [Archived] 
2022-2023 Catalog [Archived] [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Student Learning Outcomes

Institutional Learning Outcomes

Institutional Learning Outcomes (ILOs) define the skills and knowledge a student should possess upon completion of a course of study at El Camino College.

El Camino College Institutional Learning Outcomes (ILO):

Students completing a course of study at El Camino College will achieve the following learning outcomes:

ILO 1 - Critical Thinking

Students apply critical, creative and analytical skills to identify and solve problems, analyze information, synthesize and evaluate ideas, and transform existing ideas into new forms.

ILO 2 - Communication

Students effectively communicate with and respond to varied audiences in written, spoken or signed, and artistic forms.

ILO 3 - Community and Personal Development

Students are productive and engaged members of society, demonstrating personal responsibility, and community and social awareness through their engagement in campus programs and services.

ILO 4 - Information Literacy

Students determine an information need and use various media and formats to develop a research strategy and locate, evaluate, document, and use information to accomplish a specific purpose. Students demonstrate an understanding of the legal, social, and ethical aspects related to information use.

Student Learning Outcomes and Service Area Outcomes

Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs) define the skills and knowledge a student should possess upon completion of a particular course. 

Program Learning Outcomes (PLOs) define the skills and knowledge a student should possess upon completion of a particular program.

Service Area Outcomes (SAOs) measure the level of understanding, skills, and/or knowledge a student will possess upon interaction with a student support service or administrative service.

SAO, SLO, PLO, and ILO information may be found on the SLO webpage:


The standards for accreditation require colleges to assess student learning on a regular and continuous basis to ensure that students are learning the course and program objectives and content as well as acquiring the understanding, skills, and/or knowledge desired by student support services and administrative services. Through an effective student learning outcomes assessment process, faculty members are able to review their courses and make adjustments to improve student achievement while student support services and administrative services staff are able to review the effectiveness of the services provided. The college is required by the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges (ACCJC) Standards for Accreditation to provide the accrediting commission and students with evidence that an ongoing and rigorous program for assessment of student learning outcomes is in place. The college evaluates the instructional and support services programs on a regular schedule to improve student learning through scheduled program review, assessment of SLOs, PLOs, ILOs, and SAOs, as well as program planning and evaluation.