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2022-2023 Catalog [Archived] 
2022-2023 Catalog [Archived] [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Honors Program

Alpha Gamma Sigma

Alpha Gamma Sigma (AGS), the Honor and Scholarship Society, is a California Community Colleges statewide organization founded to foster, promote, maintain, and recognize scholastic achievement and service among community college students. The Alpha Phi chapter of AGS at El Camino College attracts many students of all majors desiring academic excellence.

A student may attain initial membership by having completed 12 semester units from a recognized institution of higher education with a GPA of 3.0 or above. Students joining directly out of high school are asked to have a minimum GPA of 3.5 at the high school level.

Because AGS is also a club and one of the largest organizations on campus, there are many opportunities for college and community involvement. Students can gain leadership experience for their scholastic resumes by becoming a member of the organization’s cabinet and planning committees. There are ways for everyone to get involved and learn organizational skills that can be helpful in school and in life.

Permanent (lifetime) members of Alpha Gamma Sigma receive a notation on their transcripts, a gold seal on their diplomas, and wear gold stoles during the commencement ceremonies. Permanent Member status may be achieved by completing 60 units (30 completed at El Camino College) with a 3.5 GPA and regular membership for at least one semester or by having a 3.25 GPA and regular membership for at least two semesters.

Membership applications are accepted during the first six weeks of each semester and are available online, in the Student Activities Center, at the AGS information table during club rush week, and at AGS general meetings. For more information and applications, please visit: www.elcamino.edu/studentservices/activities/clubs/ags.asp.

Dean’s List

To qualify for the Dean’s List, a student must, in any one semester, complete 12 or more units with a grade point average of 3.5 or higher. For further information, contact the office of the Vice President, Academic Affairs.

Honors Transfer Program

The El Camino College Honors Transfer Program is designed to better prepare the highly motivated student to transfer to a university. The program provides a unique learning environment that stresses scholastic excellence and develops the academic awareness necessary to achieve this goal.

The major objective of the program is to prepare students for transfer by focusing on enhanced writing, reading and study skills.

The Honors Transfer Program office is located in the Student Services Center, inside the Counseling Division.

Honors Admission Requirements

A student must:

  1. Have a minimum 3.1 cumulative GPA from high school or, if already in college, from at least nine transferable units;
  2. Be eligible for or have completed English 1A; and
  3. Complete an Honors Transfer Program application and submit all required materials.

Completion Requirements

A student must:

  1. Maintain a minimum 3.1 cumulative GPA in all courses.
  2. Complete a minimum of two semesters in the Honors Transfer Program at El Camino College.
  3. Complete a minimum of five honors courses, including at least one honors course each semester until five honors courses are completed. English 1A must be taken (unless already completed) during the first semester in the program.
  4. Attend four honors enrichment seminars while in the program.
  5. Complete two scheduled half-hour (Educational Plan) counseling appointments.

Honors Transfer Agreements

Students who complete the El Camino College Honors Transfer Program may take advantage of transfer agreements with a number of colleges and universities. These transfer agreements may include priority admission, scholarship opportunities, admission to the university honors programs, library privileges and housing priority.

Honors Transfer Program Benefits

Benefits include:

  1. Priority registration for all El Camino College classes.
  2. Close academic and social interaction with other highly motivated honors students.
  3. Enrollment in honors classes with smaller class size and taught by selected faculty.
  4. Designation of Honors Transfer Program on El Camino College transcripts and on El Camino College associate degrees.
  5. A parchment-quality Award of Achievement upon program completion.
  6. An honors program director, secretary, and transfer counselors for special help and advisement.
  7. Enrichment seminars that provide information leading to academic and personal growth.
  8. Increased chances of receiving scholarships.
  9. Special privileges offered by universities with which El Camino College has an honors transfer agreement.

Honors Curriculum

Honors courses are academically enriched to intellectually stimulate students, encourage independent, critical thinking and promote close interaction between students and faculty.

Honors courses are chosen to fulfill the requirements of the associate degree as well as to transfer to UC, CSU and most other universities. Thus, students in the Honors Transfer Program generally complete the same number of courses as other students planning to transfer. Honors sections are currently offered for the following courses:

AHIS 102AH - Honors History of Western Art - Prehistoric to Gothic  

AHIS 208H - Honors History of American Art  

ASTR 20H - Honors The Solar System   

ASTR 25H - Honors Stars and Galaxies  

BIOL 10H - Honors Fundamentals of Biology  

BIOL 120H - Honors Ecology, Evolution, Diversity, and Physiology   

BIOL 110H - Honors Cell and Molecular Biology  

BUS 150 - Financial Accounting   

BUS 151 - Managerial Accounting  

CHEM 1A - General Chemistry I   

CHEM 4H - Honors Beginning Chemistry  

COMS 100 - Public Speaking    

COMS 120 - Argumentation and Debate  

COMS 130 - Interpersonal Communication  

C H 1 - Personal and Community Health Issues  

ECON 101H - Honors Principles of Economics: Macroeconomics  

ENGL 1AH - Honors Reading and Composition  

ENGL 1BH - Honors Literature and Composition   

ENGL 1CH - Honors Critical Thinking and Composition  

GEOG 5 - World Regional Geography  

HDEV 110H - Honors Strategies for Creating Success in College, Work, and Life  

HIST 101H - Honors United States History to 1877    

HIST 102H - Honors United States History from 1877 to the Present  

HIST 122H - Honors United States Social History: Cultural Pluralism in America  

MATH 150H - Honors Elementary Statistics with Probability   

MUSI 112H - Honors Music Cultures of the World  

OCEA 10H - Honors Introduction to Oceanography  

PHIL 101H - Honors Introduction to Philosophy  

PHIL 105H - Honors Critical Thinking and Discourse  

PHIL 120 - Ethics, Law and Society  

POLI 1H - Honors Governments of the United States and California  

POLI 10H - Honors Introduction to International Relations  

PSYC 103H - Honors Critical Thinking and Psychology  

PSYC 101H - Honors General Psychology  

SOCI 101H - Honors Introduction to Sociology  

SPAN 1H - Honors Elementary Spanish I