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2022-2023 Catalog [Archived] 
2022-2023 Catalog [Archived] [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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NURS 144 - Dosage Calculations

2 units
1.5 hours lecture, 1.5 hours lab
Prerequisite: MATH 150  or MATH 150H  or equivalent and NURS 143 or concurrent enrollment with a minimum grade of C in all prerequisites
Credit, degree applicable
Transfer CSU

This course is designed to help students develop the necessary skills to calculate accurate and safe medication dosages. Advanced problem solving, application of algebraic concepts, formulas, proportional relationships, system of measurement, and measurement system conversions will be incorporated. Designated lab time will include clinical scenarios involving correct medication formulas and calculations, the selection of correct medical equipment to prepare and administer various types of medication, careful reading and interpretation of sample medication orders, and evaluation of medication labels for safe administration.

(formerly Nursing 48)

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