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2022-2023 Catalog [Archived] 
2022-2023 Catalog [Archived] [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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SOCI 101H - Honors Introduction to Sociology

3 units
3 hours lecture
Prerequisite: eligibility for ENGL 1A 
Credit, degree applicable
Transfer CSU, UC

This honors course, intended for students in the Honors Transfer Program, introduces students to the major theoretical perspectives, concepts, and areas of study in sociology. It critically examines the relationship between the social environment and human behavior, specifically on how social forces such as race, gender, sexuality, age, and social class shape our everyday lives. In addition to learning sociological theories and research methods, students gain an understanding of sociological concepts such as culture, socialization, social institutions, deviance, stratification, and social change. This course is enriched through extensive, rigorous reading, writing, and research assignments.

Note: Students may take either SOCI 101  or Sociology 101H. Duplicate credit will not be awarded

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